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Vepinsa is a leading producer and supplier of top-quality pigments, derived from natural sources, to the poultry feed and food industries. With a 40-year tradition of excellence, Vepinsa serves markets in North America, Latin America, Europe, and Asia

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Poultry Pigmentation

The beauty of Yellow tells the consumer that the product has been fortified With lutein derived from healthy pigments and derived from nature.

The pigments of the flora and the environment to the poultry industry come from sources. Completely natural like the flower of cempasúchil or red chile.

Human Feeding

It is a pigment mixture for intensive use, very convenient For coloration to products with cheeses, yogurts, dressings, sauces, etc.

Concentrate of Lutein obtained from the extract of flowers of cempasúchil Saponified and purified and Esters of natural Lutein extracted from the flowers of Cempoal.

In addition to the previous products, Vepinsa Industries has a wide range of oleoresins, pigments, neutraceuticals, also we are experts in poultry pigmentation. With the objetive of fortifying and improving the appearance of products.

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The color of the nature

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