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Innovative Pigmentation

Making Heads Turn. The word is out. Florafil™ brand products make for better poultry feed, with more stable, more bioavailable, more cost-effective pigments that increase your products’ quality — and your company’s bottom line. A Brave, Yellower Future Charging ahead, Vepinsa is already developing the next generation of nature-based pigments for the poultry industry — products with even greater stability, bioavailability, and value. Yellow never looked so good. And everyone’s noticing.



BioAvailability is a big word, and it{s easy to make it sound complicated. But the bottom line is simple — and important… Production process A superior production process increases bioavailability. Vepinsa’s advanced proprietary production process is highly efficient, and further increases absorption. Greater Absorption = Greater Savings Florafil™ brand products Florafil™ brand products come from carotenoids, and carotenoids are the most bioavailable pigments.


The Beauty of Yellow

The Beauty of Yellow™ seal informs, educates and motivates consumers to purchase quality eggs that have been lutein-enhanced with Florafil™ brand pigments. The Beauty of Yellow™ Seal increases the appeal, as well as the perceived – and real – value of the products that bear it. So, are eggs healthy or not? Eggs have been much maligned, and unfairly so. Yes, cholesterol in egg yolks deserves special attention. Traditionally people have been afraid of egg consumption due to this compound. …


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