Vepinsa Innovation

  • For the benefit of the industry, Vepinsa constantly works to improve its production processes to lower costs and maintain excellence in quality. Our clients make good use of the regular visits by our highly trained technical staff.

Quality Control

Our Quality Control Department monitors and controls every aspect of the production process; from the selection of raw materials to the rigorous certification of each of our products, ensuring their consistency and global quality. The company has been certified by ISO: 9001-2008 since 2010 and ISO: 9001-2015 since 2017.

We provide our clients with an equipped research and development laboratory.

  • The development and investigation Department has managed to obtain several patents for different products.

Development and Investigation

Using cutting-edge technology and the most rigorous scientific standards to improve the quality of our products, we have been able to obtain several product patents. Likewise, we seek to faithfully adapt them to the requirements of our clients.

Vepinsa recently developed a process to produce purified lutein in free and ester forms. This lutein is added to nutraceutical products for eye health and for the prevention of macular degeneration of advanced age.

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